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Magic comes in all different forms; magic from within, from without, from the world, and from each other. Being human, we sometimes forget that we can make our own magic – magic that doesn’t come with a great reveal, that “A ha! So that’s how they did it!” moment that so often accompanies the acts of the greats like James Randi and Penn and Teller. This magic isn’t made with incantations or symbols or ancient artifacts; it’s made with thought, with work, with motivation, and with commitment. Like the alchemists of ancient times, we take these four elements and, with them, try transmute raw ideas into a finished product; changing the proverbial lead to glittering gold.

We welcome you to take part in the magic; to join us in an undertaking that aims for nothing short of brilliance. And we invite you to do so using the most influential development in the history of human expression: your voice.

Together, we can make something magical.


Victor Frost